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Harpeth Rising

Saturday, May 11, 7:30 pm


This is the Future of New Acoustic Music! From their original compositions to their interpretations of old clasics like House Of  The Rising Sun, Harpeth Rising is the real deal. Enjoy an evening with rising stars who are setting the direction for where modern music is heading.

The Grind is booked on the day of this show, so Americana Stage moves to a temporary home… My home!
This episode of Americana Stage will be a house concert.


We have a special treat coming up on May 11. As it turns out, there is a Jazz Weekend planned in Morganton that weekend and we had to leave the Grind for the event. We wish themwell! Katie and I have been looking at the possibility of doing a house concert at our home for a long time and Saturday May 11 is the date for our first one! The Group is Harpeth Rising. This is a group of 4 amazingly talented young people who are all graduates of the Indiana University School of Music. We discovered them at the SE Regional Folk Alliance in Montreat last year and they were one of our favorite groups (they “blew my doors”, as my friend Mike Kohnle would say). The instrumentation of the group might lead you to believe this will be “classical”, but it’s anything but. The violinist performs with 3 symphony orchestras. The cellist is Associate Professor of Cello at her music school. The banjo lady (caught you off guard with that one didn’t I!) is also a music major and plays one of the most original and melodic styles of banjo I’ve ever heard. The forth member, and the only male, plays a variety of percussion instruments and lays down the foundation for the rhythm. The music they make reminds me of New Grass, Punch Brothers, and what I see and hear as the new direction of modern acoustic music. They are amazing!


Harpeth Rising

Saturday, May 11. 7:30 PM. $15 (cash please, all proceeds go to the artists).

Clint & Katie’s place; call or email for details.

Please bring the drink of your choice.

For more information and tickets:

Don’t call The Grind at 828-430-4343

Contact Clint at 828-368-0381

Day of show 828-443-2544